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Having started my driver training business in November 2009, this was the brink of a recession. Most of my colleagues were saying that I was insane starting my business in a recession and risking everything. However given my background in:

    • (i) Private and Public sector – Working in finance and a part qualified Accountant. I am part CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Certified Accounting Technician Diploma Holder.


    • (ii) Solid Business Education from UK universities and having graduated 3 times
    • (iii) Strong personality with determination and enthusiasm.
    • (iv) Chartered Manager. Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

With these credentials I managed to carve out a niche market for myself whilst a lot of my fellow self-employed DVSA (Drivers and Vehicle standard Agency) Driving Instructors went bankrupt due to price cutting in order to survive. What they did not realise was that bills still needed paying but with less money coming through. This was their sad demise. Some went bankrupt.

So what can I do for you?

I specialise in offering my consultancy expertise to:

  • Small to Medium sized Enterprises.
  • Small Business Start-ups

Don’t risk everything. Get professional help and get in touch with me now. Due to austere cuts, there is hardly any help from your local council. This is one to one consultancy tailor made to your requirements.
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