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Farrah Business Coaching and Business Consultancy, for those who want to succeed!

Coaching & Consultancy is a thought provoking, structured process that assists people and or teams to perform at the peak of their ability, achieving goals faster, with increased clarity and purpose.

Today coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, with an estimated 30,000 coaches worldwide. Coaching was founded in the mid 1980’s by Thomas Leonard in USA. Since then it has continued to grow and spread across the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Why you need a Good Coach……

Even though it’s value is becoming more and more widely acknowledged, it is interesting to hear how people have different ideas about what coaching exactly constitutes. Many people seem to link coaching to counselling or performance management and think if they have coaching is about fixing their problems rather than enhancing their potential. Like sports coaching people get that it’s about reaching goals, but still sometimes they don’t translate how this could work for them in their professional or private life. The sort of coaching I offer for example is all about finding inspiration and motivation to move forward.

Business Consultancy

As a Business Strategist I am able to provide specialist help and guidance in identifying how you can compete with your competitors. New innovative ideas to differentiate your business and using your business expertise in entering new markets. See my Business Consultancy page.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching covers career transition, project and performance coaching. My key interest has always been around individual leadership and effective communication. Project coaching is more about empowering strategic management of teams to achieve the most effective results they can; performance coaching focuses on enhancing potential in a specific context and transitional coaching entered on career changes and opportunities.

Life Coaching

Life coaching on the other hand is another fast growing option people consider to reach their personal goals and desires faster than they would otherwise. Like transitional coaching, life coaching is designed to help people effectively manage a variety of performance areas experienced, but in their personal life. As an Executive Coach it is not uncommon to cross into this area of coaching while at the same time working on career or leadership goals.
Whether it is Business or Personal coaching, each is tailored to help people on a number of different levels. The sort of issues covered include identity, values,  self -limiting beliefs, behaviours as well as capabilities.

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